Shan Foster is now a Dallas Maverick

Shan (pronounced Shane) Foster is now a Dallas Maverick. Why is this noteworthy? Because he was selected as the 51st pick in the recent NBA draft. How does a player like this slide to 51st? Who knows. Without bogging down in statistics here, just know this was a virtual steal for the Mavs. He was named the SEC Player of the Year last year according to the Vanderbilt website.

From all accounts, Foster may be what the doctor ordered in Dallas. He seems to have the ability to shoot from anywhere on the floor, and one of the traits I like is his ability to go inside, in the paint, that place that has been sort of foreign to Maverick teams in the past. Trust me, he can nail the three and was Vandy’s all-time leading scorer. At 6″6, this guard should help the Mavs immensely. The guy can do it all, he can even play the keyboards and sing.

The Mavericks have some very positive things going on what with a new head coach in Rick Carlisle, and it seems like the Mavericks are somewhat of a breath of fresh air sort of feeling to it. Hopefully, the issue with Josh Howard and his smoke time will be addressed, and hopefully the Mavs can be about the business of winning playoff games again.

I know successful team building takes baby-steps at times. I understand the Mavs didn’t get in this position of frustration in a few days, but without sounding like a complete babbling homer, I like the direction the Mavs are heading. Not a bad feeling for just having one draft pick either.



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