If you cry enough, you can get your way

An update on a story we wrote about this morning regarding Covenant beating the beejeebers out of Dallas Academy 100-0,

Officials from The Covenant School visited Dallas Academy on Thursday morning to apologize for their girls’ basketball team’s “victory without honor” in last week’s 100-0 game. Meanwhile, on its school Web site, Covenant said it has made a formal request to the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools that it forfeit the game.

“This clearly does not reflect a Christ-like and honorable approach to competition,” the post added. “We humbly apologize for our actions and seek the forgiveness of Dallas Academy, TAPPS and our community. The school and its representatives in no way support or condone the running up of a score against any team in any sport for any reason. The school’s board members, Head of School Kyle Queal and Athletic Director Brice Helton have acted to ensure that such an unfortunate incident can never happen again.


Here’s my question. At what point to you tell your team to lay down? At what point do you tell your team to stop performing to the best of their ability? Isn’t that just as much of a hypocrisy as this? Why play at all if you are concerned about beating your opponent too badly?

I call BS!


Covenant School seeks forfeit of 100-0 win over Dallas Academy (Dallas Morning News)




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2 responses to “If you cry enough, you can get your way

  1. girard31

    For the most part, I agree with you, but c’mon, dude, they were PRESSING with an 80-0 lead. WTF?

  2. lewp

    And from the Dallas Morning News today..

    “In Sunday’s email, which didn’t appear to be copied to school officials, Grimes said his team stopped applying full-court defensive pressure after the score reached 25-0 three minutes into the game, dropped into a relatively benign zone defense and began resting his starters in favor of his three bench players.”


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