John Rocker back in the news. Oy Vey

Richard L. Eldredge, of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, is reporting that former Atlanta Brave pitcher John Rocker was ejected from a hotel grand opening in Buckhead on Thursday night. Rocker had been verbally accosting a a local sports talk host.

Nine years ago, in an interview with Sports Illustrated, Rocker got in hot water for his comments on gays, foreigners and New York City.

Rocker was escorted out of the hotel by security after he began shouting at Steak Shapiro of 790 The Zone.

Shapiro has been critical of Rocker in the past.

“Basically, last night, John proved he was everything I’ve said he was over the years,” Shapiro said. “I saw him staring me up and down. I told him, ‘John, let’s be civil here, that was all a long time ago.’ He told me, ‘It wasn’t that long ago, mother (expletive). And right away, he pulled out the ‘Jew’ card.”

I’m not sure what Rocker’s problem is, but perhaps he was dropped on his head as a kid. I’m kind of surprised the guy has made it this far in life.


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