Dallas Cowboys might fine TE Martellus Bennett for rap video

Tight end Martellus Bennett might be the first Dallas Cowboys player to feel the wrath of the team’s new get-tough plan.

The Cowboys are looking into ways to discipline and/or fine Martellus Bennett for a profanity-laced YouTube video he put out earlier this week on his own channel Marty B TV, according to two sources.

In the video, Bennett did a freestyle rap with Dessie Brown to the song “Get Money” where he used profanity and invoked the names of owner Jerry Jones, tight end Jason Witten and quarterback Tony Romo. Bennett used derogatory terms towards blacks and gays.

He wore an autographed Cowboys helmet during the rap.

The team has addressed the situation with Bennett and the video, which had 23,970 views, has since been removed.

Frankly, I was glad the video was pulled. The profanity and foul language was bad. My prediction here? Mr. Bennett is developing into a T.O. kind of cancer very quickly and prooves that young people with lots of money have no idea about what it takes to be successful in real life. Real life meaning the day to day interactions with the general population.


Dallas Cowboys might fine TE Martellus Bennett for rap video (Star Telegram)


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