It’s time for a Super Bowl






It’s a few hours until the Super Bowl and time for me to put my spin on the game. Everyone else has analyzed it, so why can’t I?

This game almost seems to easy too pick which makes me a little cautious of my own beliefs. The Cardinals have never been to a Super Bowl. Their attitude will probably be the “I’m just glad to be here” theory. The Steelers on the other hand, has a chance to make history and be the first franchise to win six Super Bowls. Naturally, as a Cowboys fan, deep down inside of me I’m hoping for a Cardinal’s win to prevent that, but the bottom line is the Steelers will roll in this game. Pittsburgh has been here many times. It’s a team tradition.

So to my old friend that I was in the Army with in 1972, Ralph Campbell from Bulgar Pennsylvania, the Steelers win this game.

My prediction:

Arizona Cardinals  14

Pittsburgh Steelers  31


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