Everyone loves the Ranger’s future

It’s now February. Football is over and a new season of sports is dawning for the sports nuts of the country. It’s like a right of passage. After the water cooler talk about the Super Bowl that was just played, and all of the discussion about the great and not so great Super Bowl commercials, I slowly begin to look forward to warm weather and baseball.

Call me crazy, but I’m a Rangers fan. It comes with the territory of living in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. To me, it just looks weired living here and wearing a Yankees hat. It’s almost sacrilegious. I live here, I support here.

With that said, just about every publication I read says the Ranger’s farm system is the best in the minor leagues. Everyone says  the Rangers have a wealth of talent in the minors. I’ve learned to be somewhat pessimistic over the years with the Rangers. I’ve had my heart trounced enough in December, I don’t enjoy that feeling in April and May. But this year seems to be different. There seems to be lots of optimisim here in Arlington. Maybe it’s the new batting helments?

The bottom line is maybe we’ll have something to cheer about beyond the 4th of July here. The Rangers have a big opportunity of being a makor player here instead of the Dallas Cowboys. They just need to go out and win. That’s more than I can say for the Clown Boys at this time.


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