Ray Lewis can just name his price

Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis has the Baltimore Ravens just where he wants them. Begging for his services, and opening up the checkbook and publicly admitting it.

It’s as if you were going to go buy a car you’ve always wanted and telling the car salesman, “I’ll pay whatever you want for this car.”

Do you think you would get a good deal here? It just shows what people will do when they have money.

Owner Steve Bisciotti has said he’s putting his wife on a budget to be able to afford Lewis and all of the other Ravens linebackers to keep one of the best defenses together for next season.

“Ray Lewis is going to be a guy we’re going to pay a lot of money to in order to keep,” Harbaugh said before coaching the AFC in Sunday’s Pro Bowl. “Steve said he thinks we’ll be willing to pay more than anybody else.

“I know Ray has to take a look around. But I’m definitely convinced that Ray wants to finish his career a Baltimore Raven. And there’s no question the Baltimore Ravens definitely want Ray.”

If I were Ray Lewis, I think I would rather stay in Baltimore after getting a hefty raise rather than coming to the Cowboys with all of the circus acts going on here.


Pro Bowl Notes: Ravens ready to pay big to keep Ray Lewis (USA Today)


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