Tony Romo lays it all on the line

Let me ask the question here. Have you ever known of an individual or individuals who just screw up royaly and they know they screw up royaly and they claim to get better everytime they screw up royaly? Such is the case of the current edition of the Dallas Cowboys….

Below is a lengthy interview of a local sports anchor Babe Laufenberg asking Tony Romo about the state of the Cowboys. If ever there was a player trying to sell redemption to fans, this is it. “Things are going to change” but Tony just doesn’t know exactly what’s gonna change. I call bull cocka on the whole entire interview. I’m a life-long Cowboys fan. I have seen or listened to every Cowboys game in their history. It qualifies me to say this group of Cowboys don’t know any more about winning as a team, than they do about fornicating. (A reference to General Patton’s speech). Have a listen and see if you don’t agree.


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