How, how, could Jerry Jones screw this up?

Interesting article this week from Mike Fisher at the Sportspage Weekly, and it pretty much explains how many fans feel here in the Dallas – Fort Worth area and close to home for the Dallas Cowboys. The article goes into detail about how Jerry botched the Dan Reeves thing, and why this latest escapade has hurt long-time Cowboys fans (myself included) because Reeves had ties with the great Tom Landry. It is sort of like kicking dirt in Landry’s face again!

Dan Reeves is a Tom Landry guy, a Super Bowl guy, a Cowboy guy, an offense guy, a discipline guy, a consultant guy, a teaching guy, a personnel guy, a PR guy, a Wade guy and… much to my surprise, because I know how Dan used to feel about Jerry… Reeves was about to become a Jerry guy, too.

Different things to different people. All things to all people. Just like in that elephant fable from India.

And he was. For 48 hours.

At some point early last week, even after Reeves had discussed the move back to Dallas with his family, had set up shop in an office at the team headquarters and had agreed with Jerry in principle to a multi-year contract, somebody checked the fine print.

“For someone to question how I’ve done (my hours) for a lot of years…’’ Reeves said later. “I’ve never been questioned. Plus, as a coach, how can you verify that? Nobody punches a clock.’’

Stay tuned, this promises to be a defining moment in Cowboys history. Something has to give here.


How, how could Jerry Jones screw this up? (The Sports Page Weekly)


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