Random thinking on Saturday Morning

Good morning everyone. I’m up and about at 6:00 on a Saturday morning 2/14/09.  I’m just writing to put some random thoughts in, and sort of taking a break from the usual postings of the way I blog.

Did you know you can go to Google and select images and put in most any phrase and get an image for it? That’s what I did for the above image when I select “random thoughts”.

A question someone asked about how to get your blog noticed? I started out with a site called www.alphainventions.com. This is a great site that will get you some visitors. It might not hurt to chip in 20.00 too. Lots of hits from this site. I am very honored to announce that our blog had about 8,000 hits last month, and we are about at 5,800 so far this month. I really appreciate you stopping by to read my blog. I’ve been very fortunate to have a number of blog  posts seen on www.deadspin.com, and it just makes my day when they use my stuff for their blog. So, if you want your blog to get some attention, submit your articles to any one of the Gawker Media Networks to get published. When I get published on Deadspin, it usually gets about 1700 hits for my blog that day. Deadspin is huge!

Apparantly, WordPress is about to change some sort of code and I’m getting a notification that change will come in the next 31 hours. The reason I mention this is because I can’t seem to post any YouTube videos at this point.  I like WordPress, but I dislike change when I’m trying to continue blogging. It’s like telling Michelangelo to change the kind of brush he uses..lol

I started a membership at a health club yesterday and I like it alot. I hope to lower some cholesterol and get healthier. Oh and by the way, did you know I’m on Facebook too? Check me out as Lew Patton  there.

Well, I guess that’s enough rambling for now. I need to get some things accomplished this morning. Thanks again for your viewership!


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