See what an NFL team can do when it wants to win?

Brian Xanders

The Denver Broncos are a team going through changes. And if you compare the Denver Broncos to the Dallas Cowboys even on paper you can tell the Broncos are going to be a better team in 2009 than the Cowboys just by what is going on today. As you may remember the Broncos fired long-time coach Mike Shanahan after last years choke job of losing 4 games in a row to miss the playoffs. Since then the Broncos owner, Pat Bowlen, didn’t try to be the star of the show, he promoted his general manager, and hired a new coach, and is going to let them run the team!

New England Patriots Offensive Coordinator Josh NcDaniels 32, replaced Shanahan as Denver’s coach last month and Xanders, 37, was promoted to replace Shanahan as chief personnel man Thursday, not long after the Rams showed an interest in luring him to St. Louis

Both men report directly to Bowlen. See how easy that can work Jerry?

Says Xanders:

“Well, we’re both very competitive. We both have a high passion to win football games. We both love this franchise. And we both want to do everything we can to help us win,” Xanders said. “We both realize we have great opportunities and we both want to fulfill those opportunities and do what Mr. Bowlen wants and that’s to win football games and get him back to the Super Bowl and get the Super Bowl back to the fans.”

The Broncos have won just one playoff game since John Elway’s retirement a decade ago following back-to-back championships, and Xanders said he and McDaniels share a philosophy on player personnel and how to return to team to glory.

“I’ll say this, there will be no disagreements,” Xanders said. “There are no ties, as Mr. Bowlen says. It’ll be crystal clear of who we should take at that time. It will be based on who’s best for us, who’s going to be the best football player over the next four years out of the draft for us at a position of need?”

Xanders also said he sees why Bowlen was impressed enough to hand the reins over to a first-time coach who’s only 32.

“He is extremely passionate, he knows exactly what he wants to do,” Xanders said. “He has a clear purpose and specific role for everybody and everything, and a system that has worked in this modern football era and he is excellent in multiple, multiple areas, whether it’s defense, special teams, offense, running game, passing game, player personnel, college scouting, pro personnel, leadership.

“He is where he is for a reason.”

And Xanders certainly feels the same way about himself.


New Broncos GM hacks roster in first week on job (USA Today)


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