Chris Cooley wants you to know he’s better than Jason Witten

Redskins TE Chris Cooley was asked at a charity appearance whether he thought he was better than Jason Witten.

I’d give Cooley the big edge as a blogger, but give me Witten as a tight end. Cooley just addressed the question from a football perspective

From the Washington Times’ Redskins blog:

Cooley hesitated, smiled and said, “I think I’m better. … He doesn’t run after the catch very well.”


OK, it’s not exactly inflammatory. But it’s a slow day, and Redskins-Cowboys debates are always fun. This might be proof that I have too much time on my hands, but I tracked down the YAC averages (per Stats, Inc.) for Cooley and Witten the last four seasons.

Cooley — 5.72/4.56/7.35/6.86

Witten — 4.42/4.06/4.13/4.39

Congrats, Cooley. You’re better running after the catch than Witten, who might be better in every other facet of the game.

Neither one is the best NFC East tight end after the catch. That would be Martellus Bennett, whose 7.15 YAC average as a rookie ranked second among the league’s tight ends with at least 20 catches.


Chris Cooley believes he’s better than Jason Witten (Dallas Morning News)


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