Mr. Six is coming back to Six Flags

Mr. Six is dancing his way back into Six Flags parks.

The octogenarian dancer, who enticed kids and adults onto a bus headed to Six Flags in a series of television commercials, is once again part of the theme park company’s ad campaign.

“People love Mr. Six. He made them laugh. They loved the music that he danced to,” said Steve Martindale, general manager at Six Flags Over Texas . “We felt like it was time to bring him back and let him dance some more.”

Mr. Six will appear in the chain’s parks as a character, and guests will be able to get their picture taken with him. . He will also be accompanied by his music and encourage guests to dance with him.

Mr. Six was dropped from the theme park chain’s ads after investors led by Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder took control of the company in late 2005. Snyder’s group, saying it wanted to focus its marketing towards families, had called the Mr. Six campaign “misguided.”

Six Flags Over Texas opens for its 2009 operating season on Saturday, Feb. 28.


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