ESPN doesn’t want Emmitt back

ESPN in trying to be “professional” about Emmitt’s poor announcing, says thanks but no thanks in renewing Emmitt’s contract for next year.

Emmitt Smith will not be back with ESPN next NFL season.

The network elected not to renew Smith’s contract, which expired earlier this month.

The former Dallas Cowboys star worked the past two years for ESPN after a brief stint with the NFL Network.

“We thank Emmitt for his contribution to ESPN and his work ethic for the last two years,” said ESPN spokesman Nate Smeltz. “We wish him all the best.”

Wow. About the only good thing they could say about him was his work ethic? Good luck Emmitt. We don’t need those guys at Sportscenter anyways.


Former Dallas Cowboys star Emmitt Smith out as ESPN analyst (Star Telegram)



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3 responses to “ESPN doesn’t want Emmitt back

  1. tophatal1

    It’s unfotunate that Emmitt should bite the dust like this. But if he’s not as proficient at his job . Then ESPN are well within their rights to let him go.

    There are some ex players that are cut out to go on and have good careers as broadcasters or analysts. But there also some who not meant to be afforded that luxury.
    In this case it happens that Emmitt’s time had come.

    tophatal 1 …………………

  2. lewp

    Oh, I agree Tophat…just seems like maybe they could have gotten with Emmitt beforehand so he would have the opportunity to say he had something else in the fire and not make it look like ESPN just didn’t like his broadcasting….

  3. tophatal1

    That’s one of the things that tends to happen. Afterall this is nothing more than a business to the likes of behemoths like ESPN and others of that ilk.
    And being a part of the Disney Empire they’ve got the parent company to answer to as well as their shareholders. Everything in the end comes down to the bottom line .

    Check out the piece that I’ve provided a link to below . It deals with the ongoing saga that is the Bonds’ perjury trial and the cost to the taxpayers at large. In order to view just click on the text . The piece itself is within the wordpress forum. As and when you’re ready I’ll look forward to reading your comments.

    tophatal1 …………

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