Does being a Cowboys fan mean you try to help Jerry fix the team?

How many Cowboys fans are reading this blog? Raise your hand!

I think we as “fans” need to define what a fan is. To some people it seems, being a Cowboys fan means you support every decision, every breath, any and everything because it has the Blue Star attached to it.

Then there are some “fans” who love the Cowboys, but would like to give advice to Jerry just like if  he was your brother and you can see he’s about to put diesel in his unleaded tank.

Two types of fans, but still a love for the Cowboys. That’s ok isn’t it? Except sometimes, the type 1 fan doesn’t understand the type 2 fan and vice versa.

Like Jimmy was saying in the above video, Jerry is his own worst enemy. To me, as I look around the NFL, if  Jerry would just be the owner and stay the hell out of Valley Ranch, his investment would be worth no telling how much money, and the Cowboys are the most valuable team in the NFL already. So to a working class dude like myself, the only thing the Cowboys are to people like Jerry is a toy of some kind. The reason I say that is because if he wanted to make money, he could make even more money staying away from the team and treating his coaches like puppets. But no, Jerry wants to play coach. And he’s not a coach. Jimmy Johnsons knows it, and I know it, and lots of “fans” that support the Cowboys know it.

Chris Canty – Gone to the Giants

The Cowboys choose Brookings over Burnett

The Cowboys choose Kitna for Anthony Henry

It appears the Cowboys are letting good players go in favor of paying way too much for older, less athletic players. Should I get my pom-poms out now and cheer, or should I tell Jerry he is at the diesel pump? I’m, a life-long fan, I just hate to see Jerry screw this up. If that makes the other “fans” upset, I’m sorry. I just hate to see my Cowboys run on diesel.

And here is a fan that I truly respect. Mr. Shango. Watch this video and see if the current state of the Cowboys doesn’t upset him.


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One response to “Does being a Cowboys fan mean you try to help Jerry fix the team?

  1. tophatal1

    The Cowboys much like the Yankees think of themselves far too highly.
    Neither of them have won anything in years.
    But yet we keep on hearing that this’ll be their year. If only it were .

    But how strange is it that perhaps the two best teams in the NFC East are now said to be having problems. Apart from the Cowboys , look at what’s now happening with the Eagles ? They’re deserting that ship faster than rats from a sinking ship. And now McNabb has got to be angry with the GM Joe Banner as well as the team’s coach Andy Reid. Here’s my take on it all. Once again to read the piece within the wordpress forum just click on the text below.

    tophatal1 ……………..

    And The Survey Says …….

    tophatal1 …………….

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