Gosh, I love it when I’m right

Do you remember when I made a post about Stephen Jones when the Dallas Cowboys released T.O. last week?

Here is what I said then:

I think there were several reasons why this huge change came to be starting with Jerry Jones himself. If Jerry were making this decision by himself, T.O. would still be a Cowboy. But mounting pressure, and public perception of Jerry Jones the General Manager was well publicized since the poor performance of the team last season. I have no way to prove this, but I feel like Stephen Jones took his dad aside and explained how stupid keeping T.O. for another year would implode this team from the inside.

And now, according to the Star Telegram, that’s exactly what happened!

Here is what the Star Telegram says:

All evidence suggests, however, that Stephen was the driving force in bringing his father around to the thought that it was time for the Cowboys to move on without the Owens’ locker room influence.

How did I suspect Stephen Jones was at the bottom of the firing of T.O.? It just made sense. I didn’t think Jerry would do this on his own. I felt like he has only one person he listens to other than himself, and that’s Stephen Jones.

Gosh, I love being right!


Stephen Jones waiting in the wings to take over Dallas Cowboys (Star Telegram)


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