How important is attitude?

Is this glass half empty, or half full?

If you had a heart attack last July and had a stent put in an artery, and then had another stent put in the same artery 3 weeks ago along with an angioplasty procedure, should I be glad or sad?

Don’t get me wrong, I am very thankful to still be alive, but at what price is this? I now live in fear. Tremendous fear that something else will go wrong. In all actuality, this might have been a second, a third chance for me. But this fear, is it worth it? Obviously you say it is. Didn’t someone once say a coward dies a thousand deaths? I think I understand that now.

I hate always thinking about my health now. I hate the change in my life this has caused me. I hate how I think now, being consumed by this ailment. I hate the fear of the chance of more pain. I hate the fear of dying.


Should I love the fact that I am indeed still alive and on the mend? Many people have had angioplasty surgery and live normal lives. Won’t I one day be in that catagory? Why the worry? Why so serious????

Half full or half empty?


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