This and that on Easter Sunday

There is lots to talk about in a way, and then there isn’t much to say at the same time, if that makes sense. So here is my last post for the day in sort of a rapid fire accumulation of several topics for the day.

And you thought Obama was afraid to fight?

U.S. forces freed an American ship captain and killed three of his captors Sunday in a daring rescue that ended a five-day standoff between the world’s most powerful navy and Somali pirates in a lifeboat far off the Horn of Africa.

Capt. Richard Phillips was in “imminent danger” of being killed before snipers shot the pirates in an operation authorized by President Barack Obama, Vice Adm. Bill Gortney said.

When are people gonna learn to not jack with Navy Seals???


Rangers lose it at the last

I watched this game with the Rangers and Tigers and the Rangers lead 4-0 for much of the game until the 8th inning. Then the wheels came off and the Rangers lost it 6-4.  So far, the red uniforms are 3-0 and the blue uniforms are 0-3. Rangers come back to town for a series against the Baltimore Orioles.


The Mavs lose to the Hornets and are glad to be in 7th place

I’ve never seen a team so glad to be in 7th place.


And don’t even talk about the Stars

What a wasted season. Look for a coaching change.


Zach Thomas is gone to Kansas City

Too bad it didn’t work out here for him. But I keep thinking about how the Ravens ran two long touchdowns against the Cowboys…should never have happened.


Have a great day and a great week folks. Thanks for reading the blog!


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