The new Cowboys Stadium will host wedding receptions?


Want to have lunch in the locker room? How about a wedding reception on the Cowboy’s Star at mid-field? Just book a venue at the new Cowboys Stadium. Is nothing sacred anymore? Imagine that jock strap smell as you try to have a meeting in the locker room. Jerry will do anything to make money from the new Cowboys Stadium.

From lunch in the locker room to renewing wedding vows on the star at the 50-yard line, the new Dallas Cowboys stadium wants to host more than just football games.

And since January, Gail Grogan, the stadium’s special events director, has been fielding calls from corporations that want to have meetings in the stadium’s club space and even from someone who wanted to have his own flag football game on the field.

Cornerstone Mortgage, which has offices in Dallas and Fort Worth, is one of the first clients that will use the stadium for a meeting.

On June 24, less than three weeks after the stadium opens, Cornerstone will host a VIP tour and lunch for several strategic partners and local real estate agents with whom the mortgage company often deals.

“From a professional standpoint, what a great thing for our strategic partners to say, ‘Yeah, I’ve been there. I know it’s brand-new, but I’ve already been there,’ ”

Wow. And I thought we were going through tough economic times. What’s next? The unemployment office scheduling a job fair there?


Want a hot place for a wedding reception? Try the new Cowboys Stadium (Star Telegram)


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