Texas is almost the ultimate party school

So you are thinking of sending your kid to the University of Texas? Great selection!  According to Playboy, Texas is the 2nd best party school in the nation! Forget about studying, just party on Garth!!!

Playboy says it rated each school in five categories: bikini (a combination of weather, guy-to-girl ratio and cheerleader ranking), sex, campus life, sports and brains.

It also says it weighed the views of staffers, photographers, campus representatives, and thousands of students in making its call. The full rankings of 25 schools here.

 The top 10 list:

1) University of Miami
2) University of Texas (Austin)
3) San Diego State University
4) University of Florida
5) University of Arizona
6) University of Wisconsin (Madison)
7) University of Georgia
8 Louisiana State University
9) University of Iowa
10) West Virginia University


I wonder if there is a correlation of party schools to drop out rates?


U. of Miami tops ‘Playboy’ party-school list (USA Today)


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