Mavs take Game 1

Watching the Mavs watch party at the American Airlines Center was a hoot. Especially with the Mavs winning. I told my daughter Lacey, who lives in San Antonio and is a huge Spurs fan, that we would be lucky to win this game. Especially cause it was on the road.

The Mavericks didn’t feel like they stole Game 1 against the San Antonio Spurs on Saturday. Their 105-97 victory at AT&T Center wasn’t a heist. It was about as thorough a playoff road victory as you can get when the teams are close to evenly matched.

Who’d have thought it possible? The Mavericks were a timid road team all season. Suddenly, they came out with the passion and grit that usually belongs to the Spurs. The Mavericks may not be in control of this best-of-7 series. But they certainly sent a loud, clear message to many of their doubters.

Meanwhile, I was enjoying the fans have a great time as evidenced here.



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2 responses to “Mavs take Game 1

  1. I also live in San Antonio and am a huge Spurs fan. I agree with you, the Mavs winning in game one was no heist. Josh Howard was a monster and with the amount of time that Dirk spent on the bench in the first half to cut that lead before halftime was impressive. Barea gave us fits and in the second half we were very slow on defensive rotations. If Dallas gets game two the Spurs are probably cooked.

  2. lewp

    Hey BC, thanks for the response. I seriously doubt the Spurs will let game 2 get away from them.
    I figure this serious goes 7, and for the record, I pick the Spurs to take game 7 in a squeeker.

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