Biggest NFL Draft 1st-Round Mistakes

From Fanhouse


We covered the all-time worst draft picks in a team-by-team fashion earlier this week. Thankfully, the first round of the draft is in the books and not only was it freaking awesome, it was chock full of mistakes — which, obviously, made it that much more awesome.

We’ve decided to pick out the top five and mock them here. If you have decisions that you think were worse, by all means, leave them in the comments. Two things to remember: one, “mistakes” can equal a pick or a trade, and two, yes, “Al Davis is insane” is an acceptable comment.

5. Bengals select Andre Smith over Eugene Monroe
Smith has a lot of potential, so don’t see this as a huge knock on the guy. The problem is, Monroe is going to be consistently spectacular and dominant. He doesn’t have nearly as much risk as Smith, and hasn’t shown up fat and/or angry. In other words, taking Smith (the guy with the “quirky” personality but high upside) over Monroe (the seeming lock that Mike Mayock has at the top of his draft board) is the typical Bengals move.

4. Lions draft Brandon Pettigrew, tight end, 20th overall

How often does a first-round tight end pan out? Answer: not that much. Yes, there are great tight ends that get drafted in the first round and, yes, Pettigrew is extremely talented. But the Lions have the worst defense in football and they just upgraded an offensive weapon when there were multiple, highly-ranked defensive players on board, as well as potential stud offensive lineman Michael Oher. It’s not that Pettigrew is bad, it just seems like the Lions don’t understand what “value” means.

3. Bills fail to get a tackle in the first round
When you deal the “best left tackle in the game” (as Jason Peters was called by some), you better darn well expect to use one of your two first-round draft picks to fill his position. The Bills, however, failed to do that. Maybe the Bills thought Oher was going to be available at 28 when they pulled the trigger on Aaron Maybin at 11th overall, but the reality is that they probably could have flipped those choices and ended up with both guys, given the way Maybin’s stock had fallen in recent weeks.

2. Broncos draft Knowshon Moreno at 12th overall
As Ryan pointed out, and as I mentioned, the Broncos defense is abysmal. And yet, they thought that taking a running back like Moreno, who had primarily been slotted several spots lower (generally either 16 or 21, depending on who you listened to). And Moreno is talented, but it’s just not the type of pick that makes any sense from a team that just gave away their franchise quarterback and desperately needs defense. It’s almost like Josh McDaniels has outsmarted himself like eight times over. Which, technically, may be known as “delusion.”

1. Raiders draft Darrius Heyward-Bey 7th overall

The funny thing about this pick is that, somehow, no one was that surprised. In fact, it’s so comical how bad the Raiders have become with the draft that everyone pretty much called this beforehand, and then laughed at Al Davis afterward. Unfortunately, predictability doesn’t excuse stupidity, making this easily the worst selection in the first round.


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