Discovering Saturday again

So I woke up this morning wondering what I was going to do today. The thought occurred to me that we spend a good portion of our lives working, (or looking for work), and I came to the conclusion there are lots of things out there that keeps us from enjoying life.

I was going to go to a baseball game last night, but thought otherwise. Today, I made it a point of challenging myself to get out and live! It sounds simple doesn’t it? Ask yourself when is the last time YOU got up on a Saturday and did something totally unplanned and enjoyed life.

I had began to formulate a plan for the day. Here were my rules:

Take the train somewhere, do something, enjoy life.

I wanted to write about it and take you along for the experience. I am taking my laptop, my train pass (which includes all bus routes), and my cell phone (which will take all pictures in this entry) and just take off and see what I end up and what I end up doing.

I want to proove that my health is back to doing fun things again. I want to proove I don’t have to stay in any kind of rut. To proove that I don’t have to be a prisoner to bad weather, Swine Flu, or anything else that will hamper having a good time in life

I’m currently finishing a burger at Billy Miners Saloon in Fort Worth and a feeling of great independence is coming over me. Stay tuned!

(UPDATE: 1:02 PM)

I finished my burger (strickly against my fat free diet) and headed out toward the Bass Performance Hall. I see where Merle Haggard is scheduled to perform here 5-15. Kinda unusual for an artist like him to be playing such a high-brow place like the Bass Hall.

The air is thick and the clouds hang low as I make it back down to the train station to board the Trinity Railway Express heading east. I could go to Dallas, I could do all sorts of things, but I am writing right now,and not sure what I want to do. The clouds look like they could open up and rain at any moment, but again, that’s sort of counter-productive to my mission today. We’ll see where this goes.

(UPDATE: 2:02 PM) I got off the train by my apartment because it was really starting to rain. It gives me an opportunity to stop by my apartment and take my meds that I forgot to do this morning and a chance for the rain to move out. Did I mention my place is right on the rail line? Convenience!

Oh this can’t be good..(2:53 PM)


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