Is fate against the Cowboys too?

Is fate against the Cowboys too?

My Opinion by Lew Patton


The Dallas Cowboys must have some bad karma. It’s no secret now that some people were hurt inside the practice “bubble” that was supposed to protect the personnel from the elements like there was Saturday at about 3:00 PM.

It is a shame that a coach and a person from scouting both had injuries to their backs. One is paralyzed from the waist down. He is just 32 years old and in the prime of his life. The other is the son-in-law of Dan Reeves. No word if he will be able to coach this year, if that even matters at this point. You remember Dan Reeves right? The coach who Jones hired for two days and wanted him to punch a time card as a condition of employment earlier this year?

After reading some newspapers and reading the comments of some of those stories, I can’t believe how insensitive people are. This isn’t about the Dallas Cowboys playing a team this Sunday. This is about real people with real and serious injuries. This is no laughing matter.

What a seemingly twist of fate. This is the year the grand billion dollar stadium is to be show cased. Yet, the practice facility at Valley Ranch is the attention grabber for Jerry and company. How ironic. What a shame that when the new stadium opens later this year, our thoughts will be about the air bubble at the training facility at Valley Ranch.

And how must Wade Phillips feel this morning? Do you think if he had seen the radar of the impending storm coming through Valley Ranch that he would have delayed practice for 30 minutes to an hour? Did he see the radar and put confidence in the structure that it would hold? And what about the company that makes those structures? Will they be sued? Will the insurance cover all of the damages to lives and property?

Of course the health and welfare of people is the main concern and rightfully so. But what about the Cowboys as a football team now? Will this sort of thing finally bring this team together as it should be? Could this be a rallying cry for a team with spoiled attitudes to finally quit thinking about themselves and focus on a cause for someone else?

No more rap videos, no more taking Mexican vacations during the season, no more bickering. No more he said, he said.

The situation can be taken here as a positive or a negative. The Cowboys can either feel snake-bitten or use this experience as a rallying cry for their injured coaches and scouts. It’s time to come together for the good of the team.


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