Dirk has a house guest

Police have arrested a woman at the home of Dallas Maverick’s star Dirk Nowitzki.

According to police, they got a tip Wednesday about a woman who is wanted on fraud charges. They arrested 37-year-old Cristal Taylor at Nowitzki’s Preston Hallow home.

She is being held at the Lew Sterrett Justice Center for violating probation in Missouri and a theft of services charge in Jefferson County.

Police would not comment about the connection between Nowitzki and the woman.

What a strange story this is. Why? Because obviously, she apparantly knows Dirk. The question should be, did Dirk know her? I mean really know her?

I’m sorry but really, could Dirk do beter than this? I mean, she must really have some talent somewhere cause she darn sure isn’t much to look at.

Just another example how rich athletes make me confused about life.



UPDATE::::::: Well, well, well. It appears Dirk’s house guest is none other than his girlfriend. 

Earlier, CBS 11 quoted anonymous sources as saying that Nowitzki had hired a private investigator to check into the woman’s background – and that the investigator learned she was using an alias.

The theft of service charge is from Jefferson County, Texas. It alleges that she received dental services worth between $1,500 and $20,000, “intending to avoid payment for the service.” The probation violation charge is from Missouri, where Taylor was serving a probation sentence for two counts of forgery and one count of felony stealing, authorities said.

This can’t be good while Dirk is out of town, wondering if he will have a home when he gets back to Dallas from out of town games.


Source: Woman arrested at Dirk Nowitzki’s home is his girlfriend (DMN)

Female arrested at Dirk Nowitzki’s Home (Star Telegram)


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