I’m not happy

It’s almost been a year since my heart attack. July 15, 2008 was the day that changed my life. I’ve never experienced so many changes in my life.

Just to bring you up to date, I had a stent put in during that heart attack.

And then, in February of this year, I had another stent put in and angioplasty done. The doctor in the last surgery, Dr. Taylor said that in about 10% if stent surgerys that a wire comes loose in the stent? And that another stent fixes the original stent?

All I know is, the second surgery zapped alot of my energy and the ability to recharge my batteries.

After the second surgery I enrolled in a cardio-rehab program at the hospital. The problem was/is that when I go to cardio-rehab, it zaps my strength and I am dog tired after the rehab and working a full day of work.

I tried to get another appointment with my cardiologists but they aren’t taking appointments until after May.

I’ve tried to be positive about my situation even though I’ve gone back to the emergency room a couple of times thinking I might be having chest pains. Turns out I was fooling myself, but when you have heart problems, your mind will scare you at times.

Today I had to come home because I was so worn out. My job has been very understanding, but I don’t know how long that will last. That’s all I need is to have heart problems with no job or no insurance.

I’m kind of getting scared. My left arm tingles a little now, and i fear my condition may be getting worse instead of better.

My company is trying to start a softball team. I can’t participate because I can’t run.

I’m beginning to get depressed. But on the bright side, most of the time I can get up and feel refreshed. Maybe I just overdid it today? I’ve been waking up at about 1:00 AM this past week and it takes me quite a long time to get back to sleep. I’m sorry I am laying all this on you, but man this sucks. It sucks to know this isn’t a cold or something. This is my life! God, so much has changed in a year. I ask for your prayers. This is slowly driving me crazy. I hate it.

Please do me a favor and appreciate your health my friends. Please take note when you get up in the morning that yes, there will be problems in life, but please appreciate your good health. And please stop smoking!


UPDATE:::::: Friday 5/8

I got some much needed sleep last night and had a much better day today. I’m just going to have to be careful and get all of the sleep I can at night.


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