TGI Fridays is kinda spooky these days

I don’t know about you, but when I eat lunch each day, the last thing I want to find in my salad is a snake head.


TGI Friday’s said lab tests show that a snake head a customer said he found in a Friday’s meal was never cooked – indicating it was put on the plate after it left the chef.

Amy Freshwater, a spokeswoman for Carrollton-based Friday’s said the company will “prosecute the individual or individuals involved.”

A customer in Clifton Park, New York said he found a severed snake head under his broccoli on Sunday.

He snapped a picture of the head, then showed it to the manager, who apologized and comped the diner’s meal.

News of the find spread quickly across the Internet.

Freshwater said in a statement Friday the company has asked for a criminal investigation with the New York State Police.

“This is obviously something we took very seriously and we immediately pulled the product from all of our restaurants until an investigation could be completed,” Freshwater said.

“It has been concluded that the snake’s head was placed in the food at some point after the cooking process.”

Police are investigating, she said.



Lab tests show snake head found in TGI Friday’s meal was not cooked (DMN)


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