An explanation of a misunderstanding?

I think an explanation from me is in order after yesterday’s Deadspinpost by A J Daulerio.

First of all, I am indeed an old man. I am a sick old man. I probably don’t have a lot of time to talk or plead to get something done. I had been getting things published at Deadspin for some time now and have always appreciated Rick Chandler and his efforts to get my blog some hits. And of course when Rick left Deadspin, I sort of thought that was my last opportunity to get anything published again at Deadspin. So maybe I tried to hard with A.J. because he and I have had discussions before about getting something published and wasn’t usually positive.

I actually think Deadspin is still in good hands, I just wanted to stress to A.J. I would still like to get things published every now and again if it wasn’t too much of a bother. I felt like I could contribute on somewhat interesting stories if I were just given the chance.

I write this blog as a hobby. I’m sure the good folks at Deadspin make some money. And I guess that’s the difference here. I suppose A.J. has to put a good product on the table or he doesn’t get paid. In this time of newspaper cutbacks and closings, it’s always been my belief that blogging would become even more popular. I just wanted in on it. If just as a hobby, to be able to say people read my blog was enough for me.

So with all due respect to Deadspin and A.J. please accept my apology if I offended anyone. I was just trying too hard to communicate my beliefs.

Oh, and today is National Train Day. Have a good day!


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