Don’t grant credit to Dirk Nowitzki

A disturbing story now coming from the Dallas Morning News that Cristal Taylor, The love interest of Mavericks star Dirk Nowitzki may have gained access to his credit cards without permission, The Dallas Morning News has learned.

The friend of Dirk, may have already victimized someone in a similar fashion – her former husband.

James Westerhaus said Friday night that Taylor was responsible for racking up $330,000 in debt, which led to his divorcing her after three years of marriage in 2001 and then forced him into bankruptcy in Harris County a year later.

Westerhaus’ story seems to mirror aspects of Nowitzki’s predicament, a source with knowledge of Taylor’s current situation told The News earlier Friday. The source said indications are that Taylor gained unauthorized access to Nowitzki’s credit cards. The source said it is unknown if, or how much, she was able to use them.

This story is about to get very ugly.


Nowitzki’s credit cards may have been at risk (DMN)


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