Martin-Cuban feud still hot

Let me understand this correctly.

After the Nuggets won a controversial game in Dallas, when the NBA later admitted a foul should have been called on Mavericks guard Antoine Wright and a game-winning three-pointer from Denver forward Carmelo Anthony wiped out, Cuban was incensed. He passed by Martin’s mother, Lydia Moore, and has admitted saying “that includes your son’’ when a fan called Nuggets players thugs.

Meanwhile, Cuban admits he “made a mistake’’ in having apologized to Martin’s mother on his blog and not having yet done so personally in a timely fashion. But Cuban, in an e-mail to, wrote he wants Martin to take responsibility for his actions, which he wrote included calling a wife of a Mavericks staff member a “(expletive) fat pig’’ and making an obscene gesture.

So not only does Martin play and act like a thug, he doesn’t like the way Cuban delivers an apology, yet he doesn’t have a problem being a thug on the court? What’s wrong with this picture?

Martin had been fined $25,000 by the NBA and assessed a flagrant foul 1 for a Game 1 incident in which he knocked Mavericks star forward Dirk Nowitzki hard to the floor.

Following last Monday’s Game 4 in Dallas, the Mavericks’ only win in a 4-1 series loss, it has been reported Martin launched profanity in the direction of Cuban. Then, a few hours after that game, Cuban did get around to apologizing to Martin’s mother, doing it on his blog.

But that hasn’t sat well with Martin. Even though NBA commissioner David Stern has recommended Cuban apology in a more direct manner, Martin said as of Saturday afternoon he knew of no additional apology having been made.

“He’s a coward,’’ Martin said about Cuban. “He couldn’t face it… You all read the only apology that he’s made (on his blog)… The world got to see it before the person who it was meant for got to see it. That tells you how that goes. I ain’t never known nobody apology to somebody through other people.’’

And Mark Cuban has this to say:

“I would also like to know if Kenyon is going to take responsibility for his actions rather than hiding behind ‘no comment,’’’ Cuban wrote. “Will he apologize to the wife of our staff member that he called a ‘(expletive) fat pig’ immediately after Game 3? Will he apologize to fans that he threatened to, and I’m paraphrasing here, ‘(expletive) beat the (expletive) down’ during Game 4?

“Or to the fans he walked by after Game 4, (Martin) cursed and gave the finger to? Will he take responsibility for what he said and did? Is there some reason he has not?’’

So on it goes. I’m not sure about everyone else, but this is such a beat-down. Who wants to watch a sport where all this goes on? Not a very wholesome game is it? I think this situation proves that the NBA is out of control. Seriously, I think Martin should be banned for his type of play, and Cuban should stay in the owners suite.


Martin-Cuban feud continues (HoopsHype)


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