Oh snap! I forgot my cell phone!

Have you ever left your cell phone somewhere?

Today is my day. I left my phone on the charger, and walked right out of my place without it. Not that I have that many people calling me, but I just realized how much I used it for other than phone calls.

How can I stay up to date with my Facebook account now?

When it comes lunch time, how am I gonna text the fellow co-workers to rally on a spot to eat lunch?

I miss the little vibration on my hip when I get an e-mail. Oh no!!!!!!

How am I gonna survive today???? I was the one who always made fun of folks as I people-watched on the train. Made fun at how people were stuck to their phones. Now, I understand how a person can have a conversation and be connected. I feel so unconnected and vulnerable now.

If you are reading this post, please know I will be back among the living this evening when I get home and get my phone!


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