Rambling thoughts on a Friday night

I’m sitting here on a Friday night with the Rangers/Astros game in the bottom of the 10th with the Rangers leading 6-5 and I have the urge to blog.

Sometimes I just freeze up when it comes to writing and then I feel comfortable telling myself to just start writing and let the thoughts flow, which usually helps break the writer’s cramp. So here we go with some rambling thoughts.

Final: Rangers win, 6-5 and hello win column! Does anyone remember Mark Holtz?

When Major League Baseball opens the 2009 regular season it will have been twelve years since Texas Rangers broadcaster Mark Holtz was endearing fans with his warm friendly voice and his astute play-by-play. Doesn’t seem that long ago.

Every avid baseball fan in North Texas from 1982 to 1997 remembers “Hello Win Column,” because it was Mark’s signature call everytime the Texas Rangers registered a victory over an opponent. And, that phrase coined by Mark Holtz will be indelibly linked to Mr. Holtz as long as there are Texas Rangers fans and baseball fans in general in and around North Texas.

Read more about Mark Holtz.




 Did you hear that Jeff Gordon may have to retire due to bad back problems?

Four-time Sprint Cup champion Jeff Gordon said his career could be shortened if back problems that have grown progressively worse don’t improve.

 lastnameGordon had a facet block injection earlier this week to ease the pain that has made being in the car increasingly uncomfortable. The points leader said he had an MRI last month that revealed arthritis and other ailments he would not identify.

“If my back were the way it was at Bristol this year, it definitely would shorten my career,” Gordon said on Thursday at Lowe’s Motor Speedway. “I can’t race like that forever, for long periods of time.”

And did you hear how badly one Japanese team’s fans are trying to keep Bobby Valentine as their coach? 

An increasing number of fans of the Chiba Lotte Marines are holding nightly vigils in support of their manager, upset at the Japanese baseball club’s refusal to extend his contract beyond the end of this season.

In his seventh season with the Marines, the charismatic Valentine has long been a fan favorite in Japan. That’s not only for what he’s done on the field — the Marines won the Japan Series championship in 2005 — but also because he’s made significant progress in making Japanese baseball more fan-friendly.

“We want to show our support for Bobby,” Chiba Lotte fan Jun Okazaki said. “He gives us exciting baseball and makes us feel like we all have a chance in life.”

When is the last time you saw this kind of support for a baseball manager here in the U.S.?

Michael Irvin might pick the 80th man every year . I really liked the premier of this show last Monday night. I had never seen Michael this intense. He was more like a drill instructor than the usual yuk monkey we see too often in the press. 

Dallas earned the highest local household rating with a 1.8, outperforming the national average by +95%.In Spike’s key demographic of Men 18-34, the show tallied a 3.0 rating in Dallas, out-performing the national average by 82%

Overall nationally, “4th and Long” delivered 1.2 million viewers and a 1.7 rating in Men 18-34.

“4th and Long” improved Spike TV’s rating in its timeslot (vs. last year) by a staggering +131% in Men 18-49 and +224% in Men18-34.

“4th and Long” was the #2 program in its timeslot among Men 18-34 — beaten only by the WWE (the highest rated show on cable)

 If those ratings keep up, Spike obviously would love to have the Playmaker and his pals continue the show next year. And it’s not like Jerry Jones to turn down free publicity.

I’m not sure about everyone else, but I am really excited about the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium opening soon. Of course since i will be working there, I have added motivation to see it open. They showed the media the new video board in the stadium. Here are some facts about it:

By the numbers

600 tons: the weight of the video board

90 feet: how high the board is above the football field

635 kilowatts: power used by each sideline display

4,920: number of 52-inch flat-panel televisions the board’s area is equal to

And here is some bad news for a Cowboys’ rookie:

Police Arrest Dallas Cowboy Rookie At Love Field

Compiled From Staff Reports
Police arrested a Dallas Cowboys rookie at Love Field Friday for carrying a prohibited weapon.
Twenty two-year-old Asaph Schwapp was boarding a flight to Houston when security found a throwing-star in his bag, police say. A throwing star is a popular martial arts weapon.

A police report states Schwapp told officers he collects martial arts weapons and that a friend had given it to him. The report also states he was “extremely cooperative.”

Schwapp is a fullback and attended Notre Dame. He was an undrafted free agent picked up by the Cowboys this year.

Schwapp was running third team fullback at off-season workouts this week with little chance of making the team.

The Cowboys have not released an official statement about the arrest.


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