Interesting article from D Magazine

1. Parking at the Cowboys Stadium will cost you $40. Texas Stadium had about 16,000 parking spaces. The new joint has about 12,000 (not including spaces at the Rangers Ballpark). Yeah, this is gonna all work out just fine.

2. A new study shows that 30 percent of Dallas-area home sellers have to cut their price at least once, Eric.

3. Dallas County has a new website where you can check on unpaid tickets. The 50 Most Wanted is an interesting list. Shout out to Takelia for the $10,524.80 she owes the county. But you can also search the database by ZIP. An even more interesting list is the scofflaws in 75225 who owe money. That would be University Park. So a shout out to Bunker Hunt, too, for doing 74 mph in a 60 zone back in 1998 and managing to avoid paying up all these years. (I scanned 75205, Highland Park, but no names jumped out at me. If you see one, e-mail me.)


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