This can’t be a good omen

I will begin this story by telling you I used to work with the TABC and I acted as a contractor type of individual doing classes to sellers and servers of alcoholic beverages at restaurants and clubs. I gave the people a four hour class and tested them on it, and issued a state certificate saying they passed. All of this was so employees that sold or served alcoholic beverages knew that they would be liable if somone left their establishment drunk.

The bartender can be held responsible if some yahoo leaves a place drunk and kills somone. The idea is, don’t serve someone alcohol if they are obviously already at their limit.

It looks like the new Dallas Cowboys stadium may be in some hot water already because of this.

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission is investigating liquor sales at Cowboys Stadium after the venue’s general manager was arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated early Sunday.

Sgt. Terry Parsons in the Fort Worth district office said the investigation is in the early stages, and a field agent is awaiting the release of Arlington’s police report. Jack Hill, previously the construction manager for the stadium, was arrested after he was involved in a traffic accident following the opening night concert headlined by George Strait.

Cowboys officials said this week that they were aware of the situation but declined to comment further.

Police said that Hill appeared to be intoxicated and failed a field sobriety test. Tiara Ellis Richard, an Arlington police spokeswoman, said that Hill was given a breath test, but she declined to release the results.

Maybe one day, people will learn you can NOT drink and drive. Let’s hope innocent people will stop dying because of drunk drivers.  And wouldn’t it be embarrassing if the state pulled the liquer license for Cowboys Stadium? It could happen if bartenders over-serve patrons.


Texas Alcohol Commission investigating Cowboys Stadium after General manager’s arrest (DMN)




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