10 Greatest Amusement Park Ride Freak Outs

I saw this on another site and I had to post it.

The only thing better than riding an amusement park ride is being with someone who doesn’t want to ride an amusement park ride. And then making them ride an amusement park ride. The screaming. The tears. Oh, the glorious panic. I love everything about it.

Here are the 10 best.

1. Random thought: If The Clumps (from the Nutty Professor) went to an amusement park. This is exactly how it would go down.

And I feel kinda sorry for the fat kid here, but the woman cracks me up too bad..

3. Random thought: Not sure what to think about this one yet..

4. Random thought: The moaning. The crying. The pleas of “It’s so scary!” But she never curses. Not once.

5. Random thought: I don’t know what’s more wiered; his screams for help, or his purple shirt with penguins on it.

6. Random thought: I love at the end when he gives the “thumbs up” like he didn’t just crap himself 60 seconds earlier.

7. Random thought: This is precisely why children should never be in combat situations. I don’t want bullets to start flying and have to turn to see a kid’s terrified fear face. It’s bad for moral. But on a roller coaster, it’s hilarious.

8. Random thought: Let me guess. She likes to beat people in the head when she gets scared.

9. Random thought: The best part is when he starts yelling, “It’s not tight enough!”…and nobody cares.

10. Random thought: Two words “mood swings.”

So there you have it. Isn’t it amazing how when two people are on a ride, one is having fun and the other is freaking out?


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