Sometimes, knowing Jerry Jones helps

You may remember the story about Jack Hill, the general manager over the construction of the Cowboys Stadium who was busted for DWI on the very night the stadium opened during a George Strait concert on June 6th.

It seems Jerry has come out and said Mr. Hill won’t be losing his job with the Cowboys.  I understand everyone makes mistakes, but seriously, shouldn’t Mr. Hill at least come out and apologize for his mistake? Heck, I sneezed on the train this morning going to work and said “excuse me.”

This story just sort of leaves me with the idea that this person won’t be punished for this, and I think it sends the wrong message about DWI. I’m not saying fire the guy, but he should be penalized in some manner. Getting off scott free is the wrong message.


Cowboys General Manager won’t lose job after DWI arrest (DMN)



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2 responses to “Sometimes, knowing Jerry Jones helps

  1. Vinny

    I agree Lew
    He should be punished
    I love the Cowboys but my likeness for Jerry Jones is sliding .

  2. lewp

    Thanks for your comments Vinny, and it’s good to see you. Maybe the guy will have to pay a substantial ticket enough to wake him up.

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