Good grief, can’t the Cowboys even practice right?

There is a phrase in west Texas we used when things weren’t going well, no matter how hard you tried. “Snake bit.” If your attitude was trying to do the best you could and it still didn’t work, or more specifically, you dug that hole you were in a little deeper, you were just snake bit.

The Cowboys today remind me of that situation. When you are snakebit, you start to look around as to why. Sometimes, you even start thinking about good luck vs. bad luck.

For example did you know that ever since the mascot Rowdy has been the mascot of the Cowboys, they haven’t won a playoff game?

When you are a fan of the Cowboys, you tend to analyze everything. Even mascots. So yesterday’s story about practice sort of  looked like a snake bit kind of day.

There was a moment during Monday’s minicamp practice where Cowboys wide receiver Roy Williams was wide open and didn’t get the ball.

Quarterback Tony Romo missed his new lead receiver over the middle, and as a result, Williams shot Romo a look, then talked to him when the play was over.

If this had been Terrell Owens, who is now in Buffalo, there would have been a federal investigation into why and how Romo missed him.

But the facts are Williams wants the ball just as much as Owens, and isn’t afraid to complain about it. The difference is that Williams will not do his complaining through the media, he will do it in private.

“I let him know today I was frustrated coming across the middle by myself,” Williams said. “I was frustrated and I let him know and that’s what we’re supposed to do, this is our job. His job is to deliver the ball and my job is to catch it and get open — that’s how you win.”

Snake bit.


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