Texas Drivers are almost the worst drivers in the country

A national survey has confirmed what most of us already knew: Drivers in the Dallas-Fort Worth are mean, rude and dangerous.

Only drivers in New York are worse, according to the AutoVantage In the Driver’s Seat Road Rage Survey released Tuesday by the Affinion Group, a national marketing and consulting firm.

Detroit was No. 3, followed by Atlanta and Minneapolis/St. Paul.

The survey included the top 25 metro areas in the United States.

“The thing that really drove Dallas-Fort Worth up the list was that they were number one for tailgating, cutting off people with no warning and people talking on their cell phones,” said Michael Bush, public relations director for Affinion.

New York drivers were especially bad at making obscene gestures.

Those surveyed said the most common causes of road rage were:

■ Cutting others off, speeding, talking or texting on cell phones and eating;

■ People who are frustrated and angry, or who had a bad day at work;

■ Being in a hurry;

■ Traffic congestion, poor road conditions or road work;

■ Road hogs (selfish drivers).

The city with the most courteous drivers? Portland.

No Texas cities made that list.

To see the complete report, go to www.affinion.com


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