U2 – Window in the skies

Here is my favorite U2 video.


I’m sorry I can’t embed it for you, so just click the link.

Watch it closely…. see if the video speaks to you in some way as it did me.


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One response to “U2 – Window in the skies

  1. Great song about the Jesus. “The stone it has been moved (outside Jesus’ tomb) The grave is now a groove All debts are removed (because Jesus paid the price).

    Bono often uses other words to describe Jesus. In this song, “Love” is used in place of the name of

    Can’t you see what “love” has done? What it’s doing to me?

    Second verse:
    Love makes strange enemies
    Makes love where love may please
    Soul in its striptease
    Hate brought to its knees
    The sky over our head
    We can reach it from our bed
    If you let me (Jesus) in your heart
    And out of my head

    Then he sings, “Please don’t ever let me out of here
    I’ve got no shame”

    He wants to be with Him forever and has no shame about it.

    Last verse is more about how are fallen people, seperated from God, but ends with how Jesus left a “windown” in the sky for us so that we can once again be connected to our heavenly Father.

    Third verse;

    I know I hurt you and I made you cry
    Did everything but murder you and I
    But love left a window in the skies
    And to love I rhapsodize

    rhapsodize means “To express oneself in an immoderately enthusiastic manner.”

    He saying can’t you see what Jesus has done for me? Can’t you see what his love has done for me? He never wants to leave and he wants to tell everyone.

    It’s beautiful!

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