Lessons at school

Let me share this story that I am running around in my brain to blog about later.

I did not get off the DART train this morning at my usual Mockingbird Station to find the escalators nor the elevator worked. This meant I would have to climb about 4-6 flights of very long stairs to get up to ground level and come to work. I saw the man working on the elevator and advised him I didn’t think I could walk up that many stairs and what should I do? (It was almost like asking for help)

He said just get on another train and go up to the next exit and a shuttle would bring me back to Mockingbird Station (ground level). So, I had to make a decision. Get on another train, or walk the stairs. I asked God which I should do. I had the strong desire to get on the train and caught the next one going north.

I got on the train and lo and behold, there was one of our students, Tony, who is in a wheel chair. He had caught meningitis about 6 years ago, and had both legs amputated. I sat next to him at the front of the train and asked how he knew not to get off at Mockingbird Station? He said the DART driver knew the elevator and escalator weren’t working, so he was rising up to the next exit with me as well.

 Well, it didn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out God put me there for a reason, so I started talking to Tony (actually I was doing a lot of listening because I felt like that’s what God wanted me to do.) We both got off at the Lover’s Lane station and waited for the shuttle that was supposed to come get us. While we were waiting, Tony made the comment “if I had legs, I would just start walking to the school.” My eyes immediately started watering up…..

“Tony, if you want to get going, I’ll be here with you.” I said. And so we took off. Some 1.2 miles from the school.

 Some of the sidewalks were such that a wheelchair wouldn’t work there. It made me disappointed that we live in a world and don’t consider how people in wheel chairs are supposed to access places.

 As we were walking along, sometimes the sidewalk was impassable. So we got in the right-hand lane of Greenville Ave..which was pretty scary because of the traffic. I let Tony go ahead of me while I was in back motioning my arm for people to get in the middle lane. While we were walking, Tony mentioned that he only had until October of this year until he graduates from our college. He said his dream is to get two prosthetic legs so on graduation day, he can walk across the stage to get his degree.

I almost started crying like a baby, but managed to hold it in. Tony also mentioned that even though there was a lot of beauracy in getting a couple of legs i.e. Medicaid, TRC, et al, his biggest fear is to not get his legs, and NOT be able to go across the stage ever. He wasn’t sure if he would be able to roll across the stage to get his degree…I told him I bet that he would….and we just kept walking/rolling.

 When we go to the campus, Tony went to class, and I went to Mr. Braxton’s office. Tony is in our Business program, and I wanted to share Tony’s concerns with Mr. Braxton, and I mentioned the book http://theshackbook.com/ and after I told Mr. Braxton what happened, he wanted to know the title to the book, so I brought it in for him to see. And that’s what prompted his e-mail

 Hope all of this means something to you. What it means to me is yes, God is talking to me. It means there is hope for me. And yes, I’m excited about that. I see life differently now. I see life in sort of a slow motion, surreal way than before…I have time to see life as a way to respond the correct way if that makes sense. It’s like a pitcher throwing a ball to home plate is slower motion..I have time to hit the ball….

So we’ll see how this all goes from here. I enjoyed living slower today.


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