Book Report: I re-visit The Shack

You may remember I told you I was reading the book, The Shack.  I finished the book yesterday and frankly, I’m still digesting it.  As part of the finishing up some thoughts on the book, I’m learning more about the book and the author Wm. Paul Young.  I am learning there are some pros and cons coming out of the darkness about The Shack and even about Mr. Young.

Here is my question about religion. Why is it that whenever we seem to have good answers about religion, people jump on the bandwagon to dispel that notion, opinion, or whatever? Couldn’t it be said that the Satan doesn’t want us to put two and two together? Why is it when someone is trying to do good, someone wants to tear it down? No wonder people are avoiding religion in record numbers, people normally don’t want confrontation!

So with all of that said, here are some nice videos about a guy I have never met, but seems like a pretty good guy to me.


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