The road less traveled

Sort of a nice story that I thought I would tell today.

I have a 2002 Ford F150 pickup truck.

Back in about 2003, the horn stopped working on it. I took it back to the dealership and got it fixed for about 150.00 I think it was.

I drove it for about 3 months and the horn stopped working again! Rather than pay more money to get it fixed, each time I needed to get my truck inspected, I would take it to a place in Parker County and get it inspected. They never blew the horn to get an inspection sticker. I’ve been taking it to this place for about 5 years now. I called it my annual trek to Parker County. Every June when my inspection sticker expired, I would just go to Parker County and get an inspection, minus the horn being blown.

Well, yesterday I got up and my mission for the day was to get my truck inspected.  In actuality, I was looking forward to going over there. It was going to enable me to go by Azle and Springtown, two places that I had good memories of, and an area I had spent about 15 years of my life at. A place where I had two long-term relationships at. It was going to be a time I could reflect back on, and see how things were today to the area.

As I drove west on the Jacksboro Highway from Lake Worth I wondered why traffic always was bad on this road. This Saturday saw heavy equipment on the service roads making improvements and putting more pavement on the pavement. It was pretty much a mess.

As I came to Azle I stayed on 199 (the Jacksboro Hwy) but I noticed the Azle 7-11 store was all boarded up. Kind of a shock as I remembered how busy it was all of the time. As I continued on west, there was a little flea market deal out in the sizzling sun with a few people trying to find good deals on other people’s junk before it got too hot in the day.

Then I came into Springtown, and to my place. The same man that had inspected my truck for the past 5 years directed me into the bay, and got my insurance paperwork and was writing stuff down. He asked me to turn on my lights, and then my turn signals, he then went to the back and asked me to turn the left signal on, then the right, and then mash the brake. It was all good. As he walked back up towards the front of the truck he said “honk your horn”. I had a big knot come up in my throat and then I knew the streak was over. I felt like a baseball player who had been up at the plate 5 consecutive times with a hit, but today I struck out. It just wasn’t meant to be. You can’t hit a home run every time.

So I guess I should have been mad, but I really wasn’t. I was waiting on my daughter Lacey and her friend Erica to get awake and ready to meet me for lunch, so I had time to head to the dealership where I bought the truck to see how much it would cost to fix that darn horn. Maybe it was just a fuse and I could get off cheap.

It gave me a chance to go exploring the back roads again when I lived in Azle and Springtown.

I went back to Azle and turned south on FM 730 and made a left on FM 3325 where there was an elementary school was. The memories flooded my soul, and I sort of got sentimental and lonely. Just for a bit.

This was the town my daughter Lacey had graduated high school from. This was the town that housed my family that I had living on the cul-de-sac that I thought was a very good time for Lacey, Darla and myself.

This was the road that my friend Kristi and I used to drive for hours on lunch breaks from NationsCredit. It had been many moons since I had been on this road.


In all kinds of weather, in all kinds of time, I spent many hours on this road..either enjoying my relationships, or thinking about life in general. Like I said, it was a feeling of being sentimental. It gave me a chance again to analyze what went wrong. I spend a fair amount of time now going back and restructering the accident scenes. I call them accident scenes because I think relationships should be successful, otherwise why get involved with another person if it isn’t going to succeed?

I am very happy to report that both Darla and Kristi remain very good friends of mine. I have also realized that sometimes relationships aren’t perfect. Sometimes some relationships can only go a certain length and that is ok too.

I didn’t get my truck inspected, but I came away from my trip feeling better for realizing life is still good even though at times, relationships aren’t as guaranteed as we want sometimes. But then, nothing is ever guaranteed except God the Father right?



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2 responses to “The road less traveled

  1. Anonymous

    What a good story!! I remember the road well!!

  2. lewp

    Thanks! I’m glad you liked it!

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