The Outdoor Concert

The Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra began its celebration of Independence Day with its Old-Fashioned Family Fireworks Picnic concert in the Fort Worth Botanic Garden on Friday night with a program that will be repeated tonight and tomorrow as the orchestra’s Concerts in the Garden series heads into its final weekend.

I thought it was a blast and really enjoyed myself. And the fireworks were manifico! But I would kind of like to write about it as it came to me, and as it progressed through the evening. The gate didn’t officially “open” until 6:30 PM, but like a dork with nothing to do, I got there at 5:00 and this was what it was like. Can you hear the sound of the locusts?

And then the gates opened and here the people came.

I was set. I was the first one there, and had my butterfly chair and ottoman ready, my ice chest with ice cold water. Life was good. But there was one little aggravation but not too bad. There was a nice little breeze of 15-20 mph and I was in the shade.

And then before I knew it, I was totally surrounded by people. I remember the conductor before the show started asking us to turn our cell phones off, which was a good idea, but I think you will see that as many people that were talking during this, cell phones being on wouldn’t have mattered.

People were having fun and that was the main thing.

Now, as dusk is just now settling in, and the show is just beginning, the music is playing, the people are talking…and look who is sitting just to my right? This is an important factor as we continue through the night…I mean, these people were right next to me….and look at the kid’s sword…that comes into play later too.

So I wanted to get sort of a panoramic view and took this shot:

And then the orchestra broke out The Yellow Rose of Texas, and I think you can hear the guy next to me, they liked it!

And then, as the evening got completely dark, it brought out the lighted sword of the kid right next to me…I thought the music was appropriate. LOL

Oh well, I’m going to try and enjoy the concert, even if this sword is right in my face. But it’s a long way from just hearing locusts isn’t it?

By this time, everyone was into it…

And then the good old Sousa music began..

And then as the Stars and Stripes Forever was playing, they started the fireworks.

And my personal favorite was this…the theme from Saving Private Ryan…..even though people were talking and carrying on around me, I was able to sort of capture the mood..In my mind, I always pay tribute to the men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice for this great country. I’ve also come to realize I love life and the feeling of appreciation to have the honor to have lived in this great country is beyond words for me, so I listen to the music and hold this country’s heroes up in commemoration of the standards America has to offer. 

Awwww heck, I can’t resist. Here is the music from that movie here. It’s moving……

It was an awesome show…I’m glad I went. Maybe go again tonight????


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