Quincy Carter is no longer an Abilene Ruff Rider


According to the Abilene Reporter News, former Cowboys QB Quincy Carter is no longer employed by the Abilene Ruff Riders.

Why you may ask?

Because Quincy Carter just didn’t show up for work.

This was also a pretty important game too. This game with Odessa would put Abilene in the playoffs if they won.

When the Riders were introduced, Randy Hymes was named as the starting quarterback. Hymes, who signed with the Riders as a receiver and caught four touchdown passes last week against San Angelo, played quarterback in college at Grambling. His last game as a quarterback was in 2000.

 About an hour before the game with Odessa, the Riders drew up a new game plan that put Hymes under center. Hymes was only 4-of-16 passing for 27 yards but he scored a touchdown and did not turn over the ball. The Riders won easily, 43-27, to gain a home playoff game.

Riders general manager Barney Welch said at halftime of Saturday’s game that he didn’t know Carter’s whereabouts but that the quarterback no longer was with the team.

Both Dockery and Welch said Carter continually tested their patience during the season even as they tried to work with him. Hymes will be the teams’ quarterback for the playoffs, Dockery said.

I don’t know what the most amazing part of this story is. The fact that a QB that hasn’t played since 2000 can come in and win a game? Or that Quincy Carter still plays football at this level? Or the look of some of the uniforms in this league?

At any rate, I think it’s pretty safe to say Carter won’t be cashing those $100.00 paychecks from the Ruff Riders anymore.


Carter a no-show at Ruff Riders game (Abilene Reporter News)


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