Sunday Review: I want to write a book

Today is Sunday, July 5 2009.

The fireworks have been fired, the great 4th of July for another year is gone. In my mind, I always consider the 4th of July as the half-way point of summer. It brings to my mind getting things done that I should have done or wanted to do at the beginning of summer.

One of my dreams and goals is to write a book. I know that sounds pretty heavy and sounds like a labor intensive thing to do, but it’s what I want to do. I know it’s a big dream but I think it’s certainly possible to at least work towards that dream, and that in itself is part of the interest and motivation to write.

I’m not certain of the genre or what I would even write about. I just have the mad desire to write. Something. Anything.

I’ve been doing a little research (writers love to research), and I found this blog that talks about good ways to have things published after they are written. Kim Weiss Talks Books and Beyond and she suggests building a platform to have some things going in a writer’s corner before they try to get published. One of the suggestions that caught my eye was she suggested this:

The wild world of the internet offers so many opportunities, I’d recommend starting with the easiest, the most obvious, and the free-est. That would be social networking. Make sure you’re building a presence on the social networking sites that are the most popular and active, like Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, etc.  Learn about the wonderful world of mini-blogging on Twitter. Then look for the nuanced networking sites that are specific to your genre or area. Might as well court the people who like what you like.

So, I am going to try and build up my platform while I write about any and everything that I think might be of interest. I’m not sure if I’ll ever write a thing sufficient enough to ever get published, but it beats getting hot and frustrated on a golf course.


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