The Mysterious Keith Norfleet Keeps Popping Up (Update)

Forgive me being interested in this story


So this doesn’t look great for cuckolded ex Keith Norfleet: “never let anyone or anything come in between you and the one you love because when you do you lose everything.” I can’t wait for this guy’s alibi.

Obviously, you can’t implicate someone based on a few newspaper quotes and a MySpace message, but dammit, that’s a little eerie considering the circumstances. He finally closed his page to the public, but this guy doesn’t seem too eager to keep his name out of this mess.

The only hard evidence police have at this point is that McNair was definitely murdered. Ballistics test are still being conducted to see if Kazemi fired the shots at McNair and herself, but police are adamant that there’s still plenty of work and wacky scenarios to sift through before they’ll be able to figure this out: “We can’t be close-minded,” [Police spokesman Don] Aaron said. “All scenarios are on the table.”

Oh and there’s more creepy quotes from Kazemi’s sister/aunt. Sepideh Salmani, courtesy of USA Today:

She probably didn’t know who McNair was, Salmani said, until her colleagues at the restaurant told her. Salmani now fears McNair was using her sister, because she was a young woman with a pretty face. She fears jealous people in his life are the reason her sister is dead, and won’t live out her dreams.

Her greatest dream, Salmani said, was to be famous.

“I think she is now,” she said. “She is everywhere.”

Ick. The more non-police people are quoted for this story, the more it turns into that awful Motley Crue ballad.

Update: And this is another screenshot of one of Norfleet’s friends:

(Via this guy’s Twitter)

Autopsy shows McNair was murdered [Tennesseean]


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