Just when you thought you had heard he last of Brett Favre

The guy is tough. So tough, he may never really retire.

According to USA Today, Brett Favre put a $30,000.00 deposit on a condo in Minnesota.

The St. Paul Pioneer Press reports that Brett Favre has made a $30,000 deposit on a condominium in Edina, Minn.

That will fuel growing anticipation that Favre will emerge from retirement for a second consecutive year, this time to play for the Minnesota Vikings. The paper says that the Vikings and Favre will probably make an announcement prior to the team’s sale of individual game tickets on July 20.

On Monday, former Vikings center Matt Birk became the latest football personality to say that Favre will play for Minnesota this season, in a guest column at SI.com. Favre has refused to confirm that he’ll play, but has acknowledged interest in the Vikings.

Favre has maintained the condition of his surgically repaired right shoulder will dictate his playing status.

Dr. James Andrews, who performed the surgery on Favre’s shoulder, said last week that Favre “wants to play for the Minnesota Vikings.”

This should fuel speculation until training camp when then, Brett will come out and say he is going to retire again, and the deposit was non-refundable.


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