The T.O. Show Is Coming to VH1

From FanHouse

Terrell Owens is a lot of things — narcissist, team cancer, fan of front-yard topless sit-ups during press conferences — but you can never accuse him of being unprepared. Despite the off-field distractions, T.O., even at 35, is consistently one of the best conditioned players in the league.

That doesn’t mean he’s not crazy, just that he’s good at compartmentalizing his life. It also means that if I’m the Buffalo Bills, I’m worried about what I’ve gotten myself into. Owens, who signed a one-year deal with the team this spring, is also the star of his own reality show. And it’s about what you might expect, but 1,000 times more absurd. 

Silver lining: the acting is better than this.

Also worth mentioning: Owens’ ex-fiancée is smoking. I know, professional athletes worth millions typically don’t have any trouble finding attractive ladyfriends. The problem, apparently, is keeping them.

Luckily for Owens, he admits that things didn’t work out because he cheated on her, which is why The T.O. Show resembles a hastily cobbled together Three’s Company for the 21st Century. And while he wasn’t mentioned in the preview, I fully expect Wade Phillips to play the role of Mr. Furley. It makes too much sense not to happen.

The T.O. Show will debut on VH1 on July 20.

Via DMN’s Cowboys Blog


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