Lower Greenville Ave is a hoot, no matter your age

If you are a native Texan, you probably know there is an unwritten rule that people in Tarrant County do not venture into Dallas County and vice versa. I don’t know how this got started, or why it exists, I just know it’s a rule.

So imagine my dilemma as I travel from my residence in the safe confines of Tarrant County to work each day right in the heart of Party City that is Lower Greenville Ave. in Dallas.

Life isn’t fair sometimes. Why? Imagine giving a free pass to go to any bar in town and you are an alcoholic. I use that metaphor to signify that Lower Greenville is a continuous avenue of frat houses and bars. It really isn’t a place for old codgers like me, but I digress. Along lower Greenville are some darn good restaurants, so  everyone has to eat right?

Greenville Ave. is one of those roads whereby if you are a restaurant of any means, you will be represented there. What I like about Greenville is there are some great Mom and Pop restaurants as well.

Desparados Mexican Restaurant serves a great shrimp cocktail.

Oh, and this is fast becoming one of my favorite places: Texadelphia. I have to be very careful when I order there. (smile)

I had never gone to Freebird’s until a couple of months ago. And have you ever been to Genghis Grill? Good stuff! Obviously, I have to be very careful with what I eat, what with watching the cholesterol and stuff, but even for an old guy like me, Lower greenville is such a blast.

By the way, Greenville Ave. is where the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade is held and I had the pleasure of going this year. Have a look.


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