What is good customer service?

A few weeks back I made the committment to purchase a wireless internet service for my laptop through my wireless phone company.

I’ve loved the service so far. It’s been everything I had hoped for in getting connected to the internet from just about anywhere.

And then the bill came. To my surprise the monthly bill was 50.00 more than what was quoted to me. It seems the initial representative that I spoke to about this service, left out a small detail saying I would pay a month in advance and a regular monthly fee on the first bill.

Needless to say I knew I had a 30 day option on the service to try it out so when I called the phone company to cancel that part of the service, the customer service rep asked me if the original rep had explained it that way. Of course I said they hadn’t so the rep said she would waive that fee of 50.00 so the bill would be what I was expecting it to be.

I’m a happy camper again, and when I look back on it, that was a smart move by the phone company too. I am keeping the service and they are making more money from me.

Today I get a call from the cell phone company and they are doing a survey. They want to know how my customer service rep did in handling my call. I gave the rep a glowing review and said that the rep did a great job in handling my issue with the bill.

Question:  If the original rep had done their job better, would I have needed to call the second rep? Consequently, wasn’t this survey sort of anti-climatic?

Here’s another good customer service story. I work within walking distance of a hotel. I needed some change for a $5.00 so I walked over to the hotel and into the lobby and up to the cashier to get change made.

“Hi can you give me 5 ones for this please?” I said to the two people that were behind the counter seeing who would help me first.

The woman there says “what do you think we are, the bank?” she said, as she flashed a big smile to make is seem ok to ask this in such a rude manner. The man conversely, got his billfold out and gave me 5 one dollar bills and said he needed to get rid of some ones, which I appreciated.

Now these people didn’t know me from Adam. I could very well been a guest at this hotel for all they knew. Yet the woman was trying to sy she didn’t appreciate my business, albeit in a stupid sounding rhetorical question. If I had been her supervisor, I would have said something to her. Had I been a hotel guest, I most certainly would have said something to her.

So in this age of trying to figure out surveys and how to get employees to give good customer service, my thinking is just be nice to people because aren’t we all customers at some point?


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